Friday, 31 August 2012


Zukie is a Skate Board company from South East England UK.  It was set up by Bomber, owner of ‘Switch Skates’, Jason Perry, music producer formally of rock band ‘A’ and Dougie Poynter of ‘Mcfly’.  It all began in the back room of ‘Switch Skate’ shop in Leigh On Sea, Essex, with the name ‘Zukie’ taken from the name of Dougie’s pet lizard.

In 2012 they joined forces with skate boarding legend Ben Grove forming 'Zukie skateboards'.   Grove sacked his job off at Pretty Green to run the Zukie Army and along with Craig Coombs, Nick Remon, Alex Moul and John Bell they began the Zukie skate team.

“You’ll see Zukie in skate parks at rock shows and dance floors, onstage and off. You’ll see us in the right high street shops and on the slopes this winter. Zukie is not just another tee shirt company. Zukie is a skate team, a collective, a lifestyle and the future” -Zukie Clothing

Grove & Poynter
Perry, Bomber & Grove

Zukie clothing is available now in Pulp Manchester...

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