Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Pulp are proud supporters of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, their mission is to ‘Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere’

On 11 August 2007, Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were attacked by a gang of teenagers in a park in Bacup, Lancashire.  Instead of fleeing, Sophie went to Robert’s aid.  The couple were kicked, stamped on and left unconscious for nothing more than looking different.  Sophie later died from her injuries.  If anything positive is to come from her death, Sophie’s friends and family would like it to be you.

Her family wanted to ensure a lasting legacy to their beautiful, bright creative daughter and so The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was established and it became a registered charity in 2009.  The charity aims to raise awareness of prejudice against subcultures and also try to get the hate crime bill amended.
(charity number 1129689)

Celebrities such as Courtney Love and Vicky McClure are supporters of the foundation.

S.O.P.H.I.E charity wristbands are now sold in all stores and are a minimum donation of £3 and ALL the money goes direct to the charity.

Find out more about the foundation and the amazing work they do…