Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cor Amor - Steal their Style

They've just finished travelling the UK after headlining our Pulp Parties Live tour playing in 9 different cities in Scotland, England and Wales, and they're soon to open for Kids in Glass Houses in Glasgow at Rock n Roll Damnation. Cor Amor are our new favourite band, and you guys love them too! We trawled through all our snaps of the guys (a hard job but someone had to do it ;) ) to give you the inside scoop on their tour wardrobe. 

Craig - Famous Stars and Straps, Misfit t-shirt £24.99

Craig - Guns N' Roses, logo t-shirt £13.99 

Brad - Abandon Ship, Cosmic Skull t-shirt £19.99

Gaz - Abandon Ship, Cosmic Cross £19.99

Gaz - Abandon Ship, Cross t-shirt white £19.99

Gaz - Paint the Stars, Splat logo t-shirt £19.99
Nottingham and Manchester stores only

Gaz - Jilted Generation, Regret Nothing t-shirt £19.99
Craig - Jilted Generation, All Seeing Eye t-shirt £19.99
Brad -  Jilted Generation, Logo Skull t-shirt £19.99
Jason - Jilted Generation, On Fire t-shirt £19.99
Connor - Jilted Generation, Land of the Free t-shirt £19.99

All - Sophie Lancaster foundation, S.O.P.H.I.E. wristbands, a charitable donation £3 (minimum)
Available in all stores.
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