Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Step Up Clothing

Step up clothing is an ethical clothing community who aim to  promote social development.  Founded by Rou Reynolds from British post-hardcore band 'Enter Shikari,' not only is step up an awesome clothing range but also a movement who strive for a saner world... starting with clothes.

“A few years ago I begun to become more and more frustrated at the fashion industry and its lack of respect for those involved in its manufacturing process and its disregard to its environmental impact. 

I also found grievances with the pointless and mind numbing nature of what was printed on most garments. 

Step Up is the answer to these flaws. 

It hopefully gives the more conscious and mindful clothes wearer an option for items that 
a) don't harm ones fellow man, b) don't harm ones environment and c) promote a positive message.

I love the prospect of good quality clothes that are not just worn to keep you warm and dry, but also to spread awareness and make the statement that we can achieve a better future for all of mankind.” 
- Rou Reynolds

Step Up uses Earth Positive materials which have the following attributes:

  • A 90% reduced carbon rate; the manufacturing process is powered by renewable energy you see.
  • All garments are fairly traded with Fair Wear Certification. This means that from the people that pick the cotton to the people that pack the item and post it are fairly paid and looked after. There is no child or forced labour and there is only safe and healthy working conditions.
  • All garments use only organic cotton. This means there is no nasty chemicals used throughout the manufacturing process. This is healthier for you and the environment.

So if you want to join the Step Up community check out their PULP exclusive range due in stores very soon!

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